Frostie The Deadman
by Zackary Richards

232 pages
Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0-9713069-8-2
5-1⁄2"x 8-1⁄4"
August 2004
Cover Price $12.00


A fast paced, haunted adventure for teens set in the fictional Adirondack town of Sparks, where two boys, Winks Shays and Josh Campbell, confront an evil snowman haunted by a dark force seeking revenge. In the end, during their final battle with the evil force, the boys learn that friendship can be the most powerful weapon of all.

Pint-sized Winks Shays believes in his gut feelings; they warn the ten-year-old of danger.  But he wishes he were more like his new friend, Josh Campbell, who wasn’t afraid to save him from a school bully.

Together the boys face a terrible evil that haunts the snowman they build for the town’s winter festival. Strange deaths occur near the snowman and, after finding out that Little Pond Lake has a sordid history of unexplained deaths and disappearances, they discover a link between their snowman and a lynching thirty winters ago.

Winks and Josh rush down to the lake at night to destroy their creation. But once alone out on its surface, they find themselves trapped into a confrontation with terrifying dark forces. It is during this final battle that the boys learn of the power of friendship.

The interplay of the boys’ different personalities is the emotional underpinning of this haunted adventure. Though Winks Shays wants to be a superhero, he is shy, diminutive, and has a droopy eyelid, so bullies constantly pick on him. He relies on his intuition to keep him out of trouble. Josh Campbell, two years older than Winks, is a take-charge, logical, but quiet kid. The two become unlikely friends and learn from each other while building a snowman for the winter festival. Young readers will love the interaction between the boys in this fast-paced adventure as the two of them meet danger head on and do final battle with the evil snowman.

Zackary Richards: “I wrote this book because I wanted young readers to understand the importance of friends sticking together when faced with adversity. I also wanted kids to have lots of scary fun reading it!”

What they’re saying about Frostie the Deadman

“The more spine-chilling aspects of the story are really a peg for Richards to hang his tale of friendship, loyalty, and overcoming obstacles. …And it all works, thanks to realistically portrayed characters of Winks and Josh.”
Albany Times Union

“Are you having a hard time getting your teen to read a book? My 13-year-old sat down and read this book in two nights. Keep in mind this is the same girl that had from June 10th to September 7th to finish a summer book report and was crying for me to help her finish it the night before school started! Frostie The Deadman by Zackary Richards is a book kids can get into.”
Dea Duncovich, Sacandaga Times

“What do you get when you cross Agatha Christie with an Adirondack winter festival? Frostie The Deadman, a new young-adult novel by Zackary Richards.

“Richards really has put together a good young-adult ‘buddy’ story that combines the feel of a small-hamlet Adirondack winter with the best elements of a very scary ghost story….”
Lake Placid News

“ ‘Frostie’ tale a winner…”
Glens Falls Post-Star

About the Author

Zackary Richards was born in the Bronx and presently resides in upstate New York.