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A note to New York's retailers:

I’m sure you hear it from your customers all of the time, “We just love the Adirondacks!” or “Saratoga is the place to be!” They say it to me, too, when I tell them I publish books about New York State. Whether you sell gifts, hardware, or a little of everything, your store trades in memories, items that people can hold onto and take home with them to celebrate their happy times away with family and friends. Books about our region are a great way to provide that lasting memory.

When your customers care about something, they’ll want to read about it. If you are a bookstore, you already know the value of books, and books by NKB Publishing will delight readers who not only care about our region, but are looking for some great writing: memoirs, history, even dabbling in a little drawing of Adirondack wildlife. Books published by NKB Publishing aren’t just mementos, they’re great reading that your customers will enjoy. And they’ll sell, we guarantee it! If they don’t, send them back for a full refund or credit.

Give us a call, toll free at 866.738.1890, to discuss our wholesale trade discounts and terms. And don’t worry about starting small, our minimum order is only five books. We look forward to talking books with you!