We will consider any marketable idea or manuscript, especially one where the author is willing to help in sales and/or is known as expert in the book’s targeted market.

We have been working on a series of New York State regional titles, especially those having to do with the Adirondacks; manuscripts in this area are especially attractive.

Write us with an overview of your book. (We do not accept query letters or submissions via email. If you would like your submission returned, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope.) Use the list below to help you convince us that your book will sell. Though not everything may apply to your idea, be as complete as possible with your submission.

Then, tell us about yourself.

Finally, provide 1–3 sample chapters.

I. The Overview

Tell us about:

  1. The subject hook: the most exciting, compelling thing that you can say that justifies the existence of your book. It can be a quote, event, anecdote, statistic, idea, or a joke.
  2. The title: it must tell and sell.
  3. The book’s selling handle, a sentence that ideally begins “(The title) will be the first book to…”
  4. The length of the book and number of illustrations. If the book isn’t written yet, outline the book to arrive at an approximate length; include front and back matter.
  5. The book’s special features: tone, humor, structure, anecdotes, checklists, exercises, sidebars, and anything you will do to give the text visual appeal.
  6. The name of a well-known authority who will give your book credibility and salability who has agreed to write an introduction. If you don’t have a commitment, list the names of whom you will contact to try to get one.
  7. What you have done to answer technical or legal questions. If your book covers a specialized subject, name the expert who reviewed it.
  8. Back matter—appendix, bibliography, etc.: use comparable books as a guide.
  9. Audiences for the book, starting with the largest one.
  10. Spin-offs: If your book can be a series or lends itself to sequels, mention the other books.
  11. Your promotion plan: A list of what you will do to promote your book.
  12. A list of similar books that will compete with and complement yours. Describe what each book does and fails to do. List the ways your book will be different and better than the competition. A list of books on the same subject that don’t compete with yours will prove the marketability of the subject.

II. About the Author

Write everything about you that will prove that you can write and promote your book. Start with your connection to the subject; include every facet of your personal and professional experience that will add to the quality of the book and your ability to promote it.

III. Sample Chapters

Submit one to three sample chapters completely written. These will show how well you can write about the subject. Be sure you are writing to your intended audience and that the book is in the voice appropriate for that audience.

This submission guide is based on the book How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen. (Writers Digest Books, 1997, revised 3rd edition 2004.) It offers terrific advice that will help in making your proposal the best it can be. The publisher appreciates the author’s permission to use parts of his book for this submission guide.

Send submission to:
Nicholas K. Burns Publishing
130 Proctor Boulevard
Utica, NY 13501