Short Treks in the Adirondacks and Beyond: Paths to Discovery
by Dennis Aprill

160 pages
ISBN 0-9755224-0-X
5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
September 2005
Cover Price $13.95


Nature writer Dennis Aprill leads us on twenty fascinating short hikes rich in natural beauty—cascading waterfalls, lush marshes, majestic gorges, and uncommon plants and animals. Easy to walk, these Short Treks are accessible to everyone, young and old, and even those with physical disabilities. Discover something new on each trip—it’s fun and easy with Short Treks in the Adirondacks and Beyond.

The book clears the way for hikers to get the most out of their Adirondack experience with an introduction full of advice on hiking short trails, a map of each trail, a map with the trail’s location, directions to the trail, and a page after each hike for field notes. Aprill describes what to look for in each of the hikes, with a look at their hidden wonders along with his 89 photos. His award winning nature writing makes it almost as much fun to read about these “short treks” as it is to actually hike them.

What they’re saying about Short Treks in the Adirondacks and Beyond

“…Aprill has plenty of competition, but he meets it. Short Treks in the Adirondacks and Beyond is a wonderful complement to the books a hiker already has, or a good first volume for the parent beginning family outings.

“This is a book for family-oriented outdoor enthusiasts and many of the descriptions include anecdotes about the author’s family members who accompanied him on these walks. With such a focus on family, the book’s subtitle, ‘Paths to Discovery,’ is especially appropriate. Each hike offers us an opportunity to learn not only about nature, but also about ourselves.”
-Jerry McGovern, Plattsburgh Press Republican

“It is Aprill’s belief and tone throughout this great guide that hiking and outdoor exploring can be for everyone, and with the right preparation, plan, and attitude, people of all ages and abilities can find something new and exciting within the [Adirondack] park.”
-Lake Placid News

From the book’s Introduction on hiking equipment and Aprill’s discussion of snowshoes, “ ‘No longer did the snowshoer have to walk Popeye-like with wide awkward 13-by-39-inch bear-paws.’ Aprill wrote… ‘The gait could be more natural.’”
-The Associated Press, in the New York Times

About the Author

Dennis Aprill is a New York State licensed outdoor guide, a full time journalism professor at SUNY, Plattsburgh, and an award-winning writer who specializes in outdoor themes. He has been the weekly outdoors columnist for the Plattsburgh Press-Republican since 1990, and is a regular contributor to Adirondack Life magazine.

Aprill has had three books published: Good Fishing in the Adirondacks (Countryman Press), Paths Less Traveled (Pinto Press), and, as co-author, Mammals of the Adirondacks (North Country Books). Aprill has won 10 Outdoor Writers Association of America writing awards since 1993, and in 2003, the New York State Council of Trout Unlimited awarded him their New York State’s Professional Communicator of the Year Award. He lives with his wife Kathy in a place he describes as “off the beaten path.” His children, Colin and Karalyn, are both full time college students.